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Struan Robertson here; I'm an old guy who spent most of his working life at sea, with ten years as an airline navigator (obviously before the tom-tom came along). Originally from a sheep farm in the West Highlands of Scotland, I live mostly in London, which I love when I can breath (but the air in winter is now making this difficult...).
I've always dabbled at writing, and now, on retirement, it's my my main occupation. At the moment, I'm nearly finished getting ready for publishing my 500+ page autobiography, called 'I TOOK THE HIGH ROAD SOUTH' (after Doctor Johnson's famous advice to resients of the Highland's of Scotland after his journey there with the Scottish diarist, James Boswell in 1773).
DOWN MEXICO WAY is a diary I kept while on my second session as captain, in 1991, of a rig (tug & tow) hauling bad grain being 'donated' (dumped) in Mexico by the American government - running from the Mississippi and the Houston Ship Canal down to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where a lot of this awful grain, mostly not good enough even for cattle, ended up in the local shops in Progreso.
This diary is 170,000 word tale of adventure, outrageous incompetence and bad luck which conspired to keep me on my toes, running to stand still. It's also funny..!
I've also written two thrillers (with Anne Harling, being a women, she supplies the psychological input!). They are called, MURDER UNDER THE SUN (which is an extensive rewrite of an earlier whodunnit called, The Odd Job Woman) and another called DEADLY DUPLICITY - and both set on a southern coastal strip of Spain, heavily inhabited by British expatriates!

About my tapestry work. Twenty five years of my sea career was as a ship's pilot (on 'n off) on the North Sea and the English Channel, where I spent a lot of time sitting on the bridge of container ships, tankers, bulkers...whatever - waiting for something to happen, something to go wrong.
To pass the time, I'd stitch tapestries - it wouldn't have been very professional to read a book and with a tapestry, I'd have a ritual look around after each stitch, to see what was going on outside the bridge windows.
Here are pix of a few, gave most of them away, but still had over thirty for an exhibition I had in the Chelsea Arts Club (been a member there for more than fifty years now). These tapestries included a new type done on plastic canvas, seven points to the inch with man made (artificial) yarn - they can be done quite quickly with bright colours - nuffin subtle..!

Below shows Jewish women and children entering Auschwitz on their way to certain death. The others are less obvious...

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