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December 2019...having moved away from being exclusively under Amazon’s domain to being ‘out there’ with all the main bookselling sites, including Amazon…and now planning to both narrate a series off modern audio thrillers and develop my own YouTube channel! Because, evidently, modern writing is heading towards Kindle and to narrated audiobooks - sales of which are going through the roof, I am told!

I, of course, will have to narrate both my own diary, DOWN MEXICO WAY and my soon to be published autobiography, I TOOK THE HIGH ROAD SOUTH. This title was inspired by the advice Dr Johnson gave to all Highland Scotsman after his famous visit there in 1773 with the diarist, James Boswell's - he wrote The Life of Samuel Johnson. I do not know whether the rain and the midges were as bad then as they were when I was growing up in the West Highlands - but they certainly helped me take the journey south.

I've decided to get a woman to narrate the other two books that Anne Harling & I wrote together.
The future of books is going to be Kindle and then Narration, with, I think, audiobooks will become the future of books.

I had a book launch in Angie’s café in the Parque Comerciel, Mojacar in southern Spain, in October 2015 and later an informal book launch in the Chelsea Arts Club sometime in 2016.

Down Mexico is a 500+ page diary I kept in 1991 while captain of a rig (tug & tow) hauling grain from the Mississippi River and the Houston Ship Canal - down to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Very low quality grain, the Yanks were dumping it in Mexico, ostensibly to feed cattle although, inevitably, it being Mexico, some of it ended up in the local shops...!
Anyway this was a rig so illegal, only the Mexicans could have got away with it. It broke all the rules and then some - but was also a laugh a minute -when not screaming with fright! Read it and see…!

Recently when going through old documents while tiding up, I discovered an folder from the nineties. It had an 110,000 word novel I'd written where the narrator is a woman - evidently wrote it as a bet with Mandy (a good friend). She'd said that I knew nothing about how women thought or felt and to prove her wrong, I wrote this book...
Well, going to read it when I have time to see if she was right or not (Mandy is always right!)

P. S. Also wrote a second version - even longer and this time as a man!
I haven't got around to reading either yet...!