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Normal reading is being left behind with every advance of the internet. Already audiobook sales have overtaken printed books while Kindle or eBooks are coming up fast on the outside lane - maybe because they can be read on small phone screens and pads and it’s even possible now to switch between actual reading and listening to the narration, called Amazon Whispersync - the Literary world is now literally changing as it speeds up!
And I’m also trying to keep up and so last year, having moved away from being with Amazon exclusively, I'm now ‘out there’ which gives me access to all the main bookselling sites, including Amazon and now I'm planning to narrate both my existing books and adopt narration as a future method of ‘writing’ other books - as I've now discovered that when narrating, rather than writing, the whole content comes out differently - it's more immediate and to the point without too much meandering backgrounds, which will probably suit men better because they favour, 'he said, she said' whereas women are inclined to get into the psychological aspects of a story (still think women make the best novelists!) Anyway, I plan to turn out a series of modern audio thrillers.

Of course, in the meantime, I'll have to narrate both my current books, an autobiography (the latters title, 'I TOOK THE HIGH ROAD SOUTH’ was inspired by the advice Dr Johnson famously gave to all Highlanders after a visit there in 1773. He was accompanied by the equally famous Scottish diarist, James Boswell's (who wrote The Life of Samuel Johnson) - I don’t know if the rain and the midges were as bad then as they were when I was growing up there - but they certainly helped me take my High Road South.
...and the other book is a diary called, ‘Down Mexico Way’ - at over 400 pages, I kept in 1991 while captain of a rig (tug & tow) hauling bad grain from the Mississippi River and the Houston Ship Canal 
down to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Low quality grain the American’s were dumping, they called it 'donating,' into Mexico, ostensibly to feed cattle although, inevitably, some of it also ended up in the local shops!
I was captaining a rig so illegal, only Mexicans could have got away with it, as it broke all the rules and then some – but it was also a laugh a minute when we weren't screaming with fright!
Read it and see…!

I'm also going to develop my YouTube channel with weekly video posting! They can be anything from anecdotes from a long past to jokes and comments on contemporary events... anything really.




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