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It's now 2017 and I'm starting a project - okay, a business, formatting and preparing books for publishing (on Amazon) - so if you've written anything and want it up there, go to my site; and I'll give you a quote that will cover everything from initial proof reading, through cover design to a professionally finished product, up on all Amazon sites, for sale - and you'll have a say at every stage...!

Had a book launch in Angie's cafe last year (at Mojacar Parque Comercial) on Friday 23rd October 2015, of two thrillers (both out on Amazon and co-authored by Anne Harling). One is called Deadly Duplicity and the other, Murder under the Sun*. Both are whodunits set in the expat communities in south east Spain (Mojacar/Almeria area) with murder, mystery and money as bait - and full of twists and deceits with a final denouement that should have you on the edge of your seat (unless of course, you're reading it in bed).

They are available for Kindle readers (download the free kindle app to any tablet, computer or suitable phone) and to normal book readers as paperbacks, from both Amazon sites ( & - and please, if you do read them, let us know what you think, either here on the Talk To Me page or leave a more public review on their respective pages on the Amazon site...

London 2016... I'm having a book launch soon of Down Mexico Way at the Chelsea Arts Club. It's a 400+ page diary I kept in 1991 while captain of a rig (tug & tow) hauling grain from the Mississippi River and the Houston Ship Canal - down to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Very low quality grain, the Yanks were dumping it in Mexico, ostensibly to feed cattle although, inevitably, some of it ended up in the local shops..!

Anyway this was a rig so very illegal, only the Mexicans could have got away with it. It broke all the rules and then some - but was also a laugh a minute -when not screaming with fright! More on it later, nearer the launch!

Anyway, free vino at the launch..!

P.S. Going through old documents while tiding up, I discovered an folder from the nineties containing an 110,000 word novel I'd written where the narrator is a woman - evidently wrote it as a bet with Mandy (a good friend). She'd said that I knew nothing about how women thought or felt!

To prove her wrong, I wrote this book.

Well, going to read it when I have time, to see if she was right or not (Mandy's always right!)

P.P.S. Also wrote a second version - even longer, this time as a man and I
haven't got round to reading either yet...

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